Counterfeit Gods || Spoken Word || Jefferson Bethke

 Today Jefferson Bethke published another spoken word video on YouTube.

It is based off of Tim Keller’s book “Counterfeit God’s,” and he describes it like this:

We all worship something. Whatever we give our time, money, & energy too might not be our “verbal” savior but it is our “functional” savior. The question isn’t “do” we worship, but “who” do we worship. This poem is me sharing about my journey to find that only Jesus truly satisfies. Everything else over promises & under delivers.

Virtually this whole video is brilliant.  It is definitely one of my favorites as he, in his usual fashion, poignantly speaks about deeper heart issues that fundamentally differentiate a true Christian from the one who is merely professing Christ yet doesn’t have the faith that makes him their “all in all.”

“Instead of worshiping the creator of you and I

we’ve all said, “Screw you God, I’ll take your stuff but you can die.”

We must constantly be asking ourselves these questions:

“What’s on your throne?  What do you chase so you don’t feel alone?  What defines you?  What do you give ultimate worth? What, if taken, would bring ultimate hurt? THAT IS YOUR GOD.

Watch the video and seriously consider who, or what, you worshiped today.


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